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May 19 2015

Hot chocolate is like love in liquid form. 
The richness in flavor is like kissing the one that completes your soul. 
The heat from the mug is equivalent to the heat of passion when making love. 
Hot chocolate is like making love.
— F.F

May 08 2015

As I lay staring at my ceiling, listening to music I am left wondering about the great love of my life on this rainy Thursday night in California. It's late, officially Friday at this point I should say...and I'm wondering if he is thinking of me in this very moment. The raindrops slashing my windows and hitting the pavement outside. I think about the rainy nights we had together. How he used to turn on a show and we would embrace all night and fall asleep in his arms. I remember how he would toss his blanket into the dryer and once that bell rang he would quickly take it out and wrap me tight. I remember feeling the comfort of his body keeping me warm and his dog at my feet. All these memories that I hope I can keep forever. I never want to lose them, I never want to forget. I fear one day something will happen and I wont remember all of this nor my name.
— F.F.

May 03 2015

There was a lot that was left unsaid, and now I have the strength to send it all to you. The weight on my chest has now been lifted as I know I did all I could. I gave you my heart, but you only returned a piece of it. You selfishly kept most of it and now I need to replace the missing piece with someone else. Someone who can mend my broken core and bring a new feeling back. The feeling of being alive and feeling loved. 
— F,F,

April 26 2015

Succumb to delusions of affection. Douse yourself in deceit and beliefs that come from his mouth. 
You only tried and tried but his self-pride will always conquer his last words. Do not keep trying loved one, for you will only try and fail to win a man's heart. 
— F.F.
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