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May 19 2015

Hot chocolate is like love in liquid form. 
The richness in flavor is like kissing the one that completes your soul. 
The heat from the mug is equivalent to the heat of passion when making love. 
Hot chocolate is like making love.
— F.F

May 16 2015

Sometimes re-reading those old messages or going through the photos of your past is what can save you from going mad. You're allowed to miss someone, but you are not allowed to interrupt the natural course all endings must take. Sometimes it only takes time to see what you really want, and sometimes that goes for a person. Sometimes it takes time for he/she to realize they left their soul in somebody else. 
— F.F

May 03 2015

There was a lot that was left unsaid, and now I have the strength to send it all to you. The weight on my chest has now been lifted as I know I did all I could. I gave you my heart, but you only returned a piece of it. You selfishly kept most of it and now I need to replace the missing piece with someone else. Someone who can mend my broken core and bring a new feeling back. The feeling of being alive and feeling loved. 
— F,F,

April 26 2015

Succumb to delusions of affection. Douse yourself in deceit and beliefs that come from his mouth. 
You only tried and tried but his self-pride will always conquer his last words. Do not keep trying loved one, for you will only try and fail to win a man's heart. 
— F.F.

April 23 2015

Tender lies with a wolves snout. You carve your name into my legs. Your hot breathe pressing against my cheeks, you swallow the air like milk and honey. Eyes like an angel trapped in that body with the speed of flight through the fog you go. You left me for death to come, starving so go. Freezing from your toxic life. You left me, I left you...those eyes like angels had me fooled. 
— F.F
You stare at her words. The last words that call out for you. Over and over again you wish you could reply but pride always gets the better of us doesn't it...the tears swell up in your eyes and anger at the same time. You wish she were gone. You wish she never existed, because you're tormented by the image of her. The guilt swallows you up every night, feeling the empty shell of the being you are. Not a man, but a coward. You think of her always, thinking of her as the innocence you once held in your hands. The innocent you corrupted. But the clock in your head ticks and ticks reminding you you're getting old but she remains in her youth.  But every night before you lay your head you re-read her last words as a tormenting poem that swirls in your head being carried out by your current to your heart, every night you read my last words.
— F.F.
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April 22 2015

We all want a love like no other. We all want our hearts to burst onto someone else's palms. We all want to die with a smile on our faces, to prove to the world that it did not burn us in our weakest of moments. 
— Flor N Farfan
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