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April 22 2015

We all want a love like no other. We all want our hearts to burst onto someone else's palms. We all want to die with a smile on our faces, to prove to the world that it did not burn us in our weakest of moments. 
— Flor N Farfan
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April 16 2015

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Elephants is my all time favorite animal. I would just love to get the chance to ride one, one day. 
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This is a nice picture and all but I think y'all who had been to Disneyland would know that this is a picture taken straight out of that one jungle ride. Though they look very realistic, these are not real elephants...very cute nonetheless!
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I want a pit mix with lab so I can take her/him to hiking trips and road trip adventures! My little Jack Russell would be too pooped out to do any of this, poor little pup.
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Bolaven Plateau - Laos

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One day I'll do all of this...

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April 15 2015

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I don't know where this is but I would love to be there!
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I hope to visit, camp and climb at every national forest of the U.S. by the time I'm 35...currently going to turn 23, so let's hope!
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Roads to...by Jostein Nilsen
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